Web Design and Programming


Since Guidance Week is coming right now, I thought it would be a good idea to make a short round-up of my first 6 weeks at Uni this year. I will write each day about a different module I study.

To start with my favourite – the Web Design and Programming module has shown me again how great PHP is and what amazing things I am able to bring to a web experience through connecting it with a database. To get access to the database we’re using the PDO extension, which stands for PHP Data Objects.

In my opinion, until you get to connect your web application to a database, things are pretty basic. It’s just like knowing how to boil some pastas – it’s nice if you know all you have to do, but how much can you really improve on that? Right now, the challenge begins and you need to take into consideration as a developer so many factors in order to make sure everything runs smoothly.

It is such a great programming language to learn and it fits just perfectly with the others I am currently learning – Java and Objective C – as they all share the OOP principles. Of course, I have to pay attention to the different syntax, as it’s quite easy in the beginning to start declaring variables or create objects having another language in mind.

I cannot wait to finish my first assignment in this module, which is due at the beginning of December, and share it with you guys! It is supposed to be PHP driven web application where database records will be displayed with full details, while the user will be able to add new records to the database, delete some or search for a record through a – I’ll do my best :D – lovely interface!

Coming up next -theĀ Designing Information Systems for People module!