“The Tablet That Can Replace Your Laptop”

This is the newly announced Surface Pro 3, from Microsoft. This week they’ve made a “small gathering” in New York to present their new tablet, available to pre-order in the US from the 20th of June. By the end of the summer it will also be available in most European countries.

Its specifications are quite impressive and it very much resembles a laptop, considering you can also purchase the colorful keyboard to complete it. Probably the most important part of the device is the pen. With a simple tap, it powers on the device, opening OneNote. The content you’ve written is saved by one click on the pen on OneDrive, and it is also helpful when taking photos. With the Camera app open, you can double-click the pen and it automatically takes the picture for you. The price for the pen is an extra 49$.

So far, Surface Pro 3 is the thinnest product Intel Core product ever made. Customers can choose from either an i3, an i5 or an i7 processor.

Microsoft’s goal is, of course, to combine the concept of a tablet and that of a laptop together and give customers a unique option in that regard. The starting price for a Surface Pro 3, is therefore, quite high, starting from $799 (i3, 64GB and 4GB of RAM), reaching $1,949 (i7, 512GB and 8GB of RAM). ¬†We’ll just have to wait now and see the customer’s reviews on this product, as they are the ones that can truly make the product successful. Until then, here’s the presentation video for the new Surface Pro 3. Enjoy!