The Future of Digital

Let’s see what Richard Robinson, Business Markets Director at Google, thinks about the future of digital! He sees the future lying on 3 key pillars :

  • Pace

This concept relies on the incredible speed in which things are developing around us. Just consider the fact that it took 78 years for the telephone to reach the majority of the population, 38 years for television, 14 years for mobile phones, 7-8 years for the Internet, 4 years for the iPhone and 2 years for Facebook. It is true that we want more from technology. People now incline to shop more and more online, being attracted by the convenience of searching the Web for what they need, instead of wasting long and precious hours searching an item from shop to shop. To that effect, at the moment there are 2.4 billion Internet Users estimated worldwide. Isn’t it surprising that 60% of them have bought something online last month?

  • Connectivity

As I have previously said, people expect a lot now from technology. They rely on it everyday. As everything accelerates now, the only inhibiting factor that still causes problems around us is the Internet Speed. Progress is being made with the newly emerged 4G Technology for mobile devices. Just to see how fast things are moving, there are now 1.1 billion Global Mobile 3G Subscribers and their number is expected to grow with 37% each year! Consequently, people want to be connected every time, everywhere, with everybody! Not surprisingly, the automobiles manufacturers are now developing different technologies to connect your car to the Internet so that you may be able to know that you received a new e-mail from your very own car. Hope we won’t start browsing the Internet while driving!

  • Human

How can technology become human? Well, the main idea is that it should engage the customer. We have all seen how console games have now engaged the person a lot more and the actions on the screen respond to your movement. It’s all about creating the best experiences. Digital is starting to predict our behavior. As strange as it may sound like, we’ll heading towards a future where digital devices will predict your health, your location, your preferences, your choices, your actions, a lot anyway!! Researchers are now trying to predict epidemics based upon people’s Facebook status, who belong┬áto the same region . A great example is the Google Glass – a voice activated pair of glasses who will allow you to take pics, videos, check your e-mail, ┬ámake a note and much more! Here is a short video trailer to image what they can do:


In the end, it’s safe to say that the future saves for us a lot of surprises. Just be prepared because the future is closer than you think!