Bachelors Graduation

Yeey! I’ve finally made it! On Monday I had my graduation ceremony and I officially became a certified computer scientist. I didn’t realise it until a friend told me this. I have all the reasons in the world to still feel like a student, since I’ll start my MSc in 2 months. And that will be a true challenge. Imagine my happiness in a year from now, graduating from my MSc, knowing that I’m done with all my academic preparation.

I have been extremely lucky to enjoy an amazing graduation day, with my family close and every dear person congratulating me. I truly felt like a princess! It’s been a packed day, running around from one place to another, but I’d do it again anytime.

After receiving my First Class Honours degree, my University offered me the prestigious Chancellor’s Prize. Only 24 out of around 4,000 students graduating this year, receive this honour. I tried to find out the exact criteria for receiving this amazing prize, but I’ve been told students from each Faculty are nominated based on their overall grades and performance and a few are then selected. I wish I could have went to the ceremony for this prize on the 13th, but I was lucky to receive it while in Huddersfield on Monday.


The Computing and Engineering faculty also offered me my second prize on the day, for the best overall performance on the Final Year project in Computing and Information Systems. This means my hard work for my dissertation truly paid off. Honestly, working on my final year project was the part I loved the most about my last year as a bachelor. I wanted to pick a subject that I would be passionate about for an entire academic year and it turns out I was a bit too passionate. But in a good way, of course! I am also happy I had the chance to pick up one of the hard copies of my final year project, so that I can keep it as a memory.

Raluca Georgescu_edit

It’s been 4 years that passed reaaally quickly, but during these years I managed to grow as an individual, both personally and professionally, make amazing friends, have wonderful experiences and decide what I want to do in life. I am proud I am graduating and I have a clear idea on what I want to do, I am proud of my achievements and I am excited about the future. I am a hopeless optimist, so I’ll continue keeping my expectations high, working hard and seeking amazing opportunities!

Now I’m on to my next adventure, the Masters degree at UCL in London, a year that I am sure will be full of interesting stories and learnings!









Long time no see

Yep yep. Long time no posts. This can only be due to my hectic schedule at the moment which finds me invoved in 3 huge projects for this second year at Uni. I’ll hopefully be done with everthing on the 9th of May and then I’ll be able to relax and enjoy a short trip. I cannot wait!

To keep you posted on my current projects at the moment – the first one is for the Visual Design module and involves creating a sketchbook with all the work I’ve done this year designing UIs for mobile and web apps. Inlcuding my incredible re-designed portfolio which you’ll be able to view live by the end of June. I am very excited about it and I cannot wait to share it with you guys!

Second of all, there’s my Year Two Project – a 3000 words report on the product I developed. My project’s title is ‘People and their Passions in the Online Environment’ and addresses a really nice issue which allowed me to perfect my PHP skills and build a prototype of a social media network. I will be really glad to add it also to my newly designed portfolio soon.

Last, but not least, there’s my favourite assignment for the Web Design and Programming module. It comprises of both modelling and programming of a complex web application with the help of the newly learned MVC framework – CodeIgniter. Along with developing some main functionalities based on a given case study, we are supposed to enhance the users’ experience by using technologies such as AJAX and experiementing with jQuery UI.

I am really close to the finish line this year and I cannot wait to complete all projects to my highest possible level. I’m glad I’ve learnt so much this year and these 3 last projects have truly challenged me through their complexity.

How are my Uni Projects going?

Hey guys! It’s December already – last month of the year! Had no idea when time passed by so fast. The last couple of weeks have been quite hectic for me as I had ( and still have ) loads of stuff to do. The end of the first term is always a crazy race!

This week I had my Team Project checkpoint meeting to show our lecturers what we’ve done so far. It went well, I can say. This year’s Team Project theme is Intelligent Technology so we’re developing a lifestyle mobile app. It is intended to act as an advisor in your day to day life by storing the things that you do. For instance, while you’ll be sleeping it will count how many hours you’ve slept, by what’s in your fridge how healthy you’re eating, how much time you’ve spent exercising, watching TV or surfing the web. All these will help it offer you the right advice to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. At the moment, we’re using the Agile Methodology to develop our prototype, while receiving constant feedback from our lecturers who act just like our real clients.

The other project I’m keenly working on at the moment is my PHP project due by tomorrow night. A beautiful project that has helped me enhance my PHP and SQL skills more than I’ve thought. I cannot wait to share it with you here as soon as it will be 100% complete. Next week will find me taking care of my Visual Design brief and my Year Two Individual Project, where I’ll also have to present my work in order to receive constructive feedback and leave for the Christmas Holiday home, ready to go on with developing my projects the right way!

Web Design and Programming

Since Guidance Week is coming right now, I thought it would be a good idea to make a short round-up of my first 6 weeks at Uni this year. I will write each day about a different module I study.

To start with my favourite – the Web Design and Programming module has shown me again how great PHP is and what amazing things I am able to bring to a web experience through connecting it with a database. To get access to the database we’re using the PDO extension, which stands for PHP Data Objects.

In my opinion, until you get to connect your web application to a database, things are pretty basic. It’s just like knowing how to boil some pastas – it’s nice if you know all you have to do, but how much can you really improve on that? Right now, the challenge begins and you need to take into consideration as a developer so many factors in order to make sure everything runs smoothly.

It is such a great programming language to learn and it fits just perfectly with the others I am currently learning – Java and Objective C – as they all share the OOP principles. Of course, I have to pay attention to the different syntax, as it’s quite easy in the beginning to start declaring variables or create objects having another language in mind.

I cannot wait to finish my first assignment in this module, which is due at the beginning of December, and share it with you guys! It is supposed to be PHP driven web application where database records will be displayed with full details, while the user will be able to add new records to the database, delete some or search for a record through a – I’ll do my best :D – lovely interface!

Coming up next -the Designing Information Systems for People module!