I can honestly say that during one week, we managed to travel through the entire Croatia. Of course, without a huge budget we were only able to stop at the Pag Island, Plitvice National Park and the Dubrovnik coast. Nonetheless, this trip took as through 10 countries in 14 days : Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, England, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia! I can write so many things about this country, but I’ll summarize everything to my 4 favourite things.

The first thing that amazed me about Croatia was the infrastructure. Amazing! Considering they have only joined the EU in 2013, I could not believe how many highways they built without any European funding. The highways are also very very impressive. Dozens of tunnels that can sometimes reach six kilometers in length cross huge rock mountains all over the coast. National roads are also very reliable and not that busy. It’s normal since the country’s population is only about 4 million people I guess.

Next thing I really liked about Croatia is the sea. Absolutely beautiful. The sea has a unique shade of turquoise which makes the water look very very clear. It’s a real pleasure to take a bath in the Adriatic Sea. We have spent a long time on the coast roads, as well, so we were able to admire some beautiful remote beaches along the way. One drawback is that the beaches only have rocks.. Which is not that great if you’re used to soft sandy beaches.

A hidden treasure, many could say, is the Plitvice National Park. We mainly saw rocks and rocks and rocks along the entire southern part of Croatia, so when we reached this amazing green landscape in the central area, we were flabbergasted. If you are only driving on that road and you wouldn’t notice all the hotels in the area, you wouldn’t guess such a treasure is hidden in that forest. The first entrance to the park immediately introduces tourists to an impressive 78 meters high waterfall. The track takes you along 16 amazing lakes, all situated at different altitudes and dozens of small waterfalls. It is, honestly, like nothing I have ever seen. A truly unique place that makes you wonder how nature can be so diverse and beautiful. The ticket includes trips by boat on the largest lake, Kozjak, and a ride with a very funny bus, between the entrances.

Last, but not least, I have been impressed by Dubrovnik’s old town. Extremely familiar to me from the famous TV show, Game of Thrones, where the old town is Westeros’s capital, King’s Landing. Croatia also hosted the place where they filmed the Red Wedding, the King’s Landing Red Keep and the city of Meereen. A Game of Thrones tour is available for true fans, but it is quite pricey (over 50 euros). The old town is very very well preserved, making tourists believe they have stepped into a time machine. Considering it has an incredibly rich history and survived multiple sieges, the citadel looks as new and I was surprised to see a lot of locals living in the old houses.

I would definitely recommend Croatia to all of you and I’ll leave you with some photos I have taken along the way!