Bergamo and Como Lake, Italy

A quick weekend in November in the Como lake area was enough to understand the peacefullness of the area and to regret not seeing the beauty of the coast in spring, when flowers bloom. Renting a car was the best thing to do here, as you have interesting landscapes to see on the roads that circle the Como lake in Italy.

Unfortunately, while we visited Milan it was raining heavily, so we could only see the most important attractions : the impressive Dome, the galleries next to it and the Sforza Castle. Bergamo, on the other hand, was a bit more inviting in regards to the weather, so we could experience the old citadel a bit more. We were impressed by the way the buildings were preserved, making you feel like you were still part of those medieval times. The citadel also offers a beautiful view on the surrounding areas of Bergamo.

Another beautiful surprise was Bellagio, a small town on the Como lake’s coast, with impressive villas and gardens. As we were lucky to go there during extra season, the town was very quiet so the 3 hour walk there was extremely enjoyable for me. I prefer seeing all bits and pieces of a beautiful place without a huge crowd of other tourists around me.

I would definitely recommend seeing this area, however, during spring, preferably on a sunny weekend in March or April. November was a bit too rainy for us, but I’d definitely like to return here and admire the beauty of the scenery enriched by the spring’s colours.