Rework, by J. Fried and D. Heinemeier Hansson

What an amazing read! I finished this book in just a few hours, as it is so well written, it fells like you are reading small and smart articles. Divided into chapters, the articles are one or maximum 2 pages long and focus on a main statement formulated as the title.

The book is truly a mix of secrets, tips and advice from the writers’ experience as business owners of multiple technology products (Bootcamp, the Ruby on Rails framework and other productivity software tools). They basically explain how they suceeded as a small and diverse team, without following all the business sterotypes.

Their advice applies to all readers, even if you are a so-called “business person”, ready to put your ideas into practice and be the founder of the next big thing, or if you are just curious to find out what is their receipe for success. The writers invite you to stop being a workaholic, waste time in meetings, find excuses for not doing something or being overly proud for something that is not actually that important.

I find this book incredibly good, realistic and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It makes you rethink the way you work. It also may help you understand why things didn’t go well in your past endeavours. To be honest, after finishing this book, I immediately opened my laptop and started typing my own business plan and bullet pointed calls to action. It is a very very impactful and inspring book!

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