Review on the ‘Technology for Marketing & Advertising’ Event

Hey everyone! Just as I promised, today I’ll post a quick review on the past two days at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising Event. Don’t worry, there are loads to say and it is not possible to cover them all in one post. Therefore, I will try to organise my ideas and separate them into a couple of different posts over the next days.

So let’s get down to business! This event was organised into 9 seminar theatres, one keynote speakers’ theatre and over 100 exhibitors. As I still don’t have my own digital agency or work in this field, I decided to go pick up the seminars and keynote programmes which sounded more appealing to me (had a more ‘techy’ nature). I surely did some great choices! Each seminar took about 30 up to 45 minutes so I had the time to attend just about 7 in these 2 days.

Just to quickly mention them I’ll make a short reference to all of them:

  • The Future of Digital, by Richard Robinson, Director, Google
  • Cloud Technologies, by Ali Moinuddin, CMO, Workshare
  • Why is CRM software shifting from relationship to experience?, debate between Kris McKenzie, Head of CRM, SAP; Danny Rippon, CRM Business Solutions Director, Oracle; Colin Shaw, Founder&CEO, Beyond Philosophy and Maz Iqbal, founder of
  • Social Media Intelligence, by James Ainsworth, Social Media Manager, SDL
  • Is Mobile Delivering the Right Message?, by Daniel Harari, Co-founder Emarsys
  • Engaging the Connected Customer in 2013, by Jon Buss, Managing Director, Experian
  • Delivering Exceptional Web Experiences via Open Source, by Tom Wentworth, CMO, Acquia

As ‘fancy’ as some of these names may sound to you, the message each of them sent was amazing. I can truly say on Monday, before this event I was not aware of SO many things around me. Luckily, I am now proud to say that I have beautifully enlarged my horizons.

From tomorrow on, I’ll be posting my reflections on some of the seminars listed above, the ones which I found the most exciting. This way, I’ll be able to share with you, too, my wonderful new experience. You will be amazed how, even though you are not particularly passionate about technology, in the next few years and even now, it will be as important to know as knowing that 1+1=2!