This is my final year undergraduate project, which addressed optimisation of online video streaming in areas such as sub-Saharan Africa, where Internet access is scarce. It used the DASH protocol for streaming and offered a responsive experience for mobile devices. This is only a prototype, hence not all features are functional.
Technologies used: JavaScript, PHP, Amazon Web Services



Bing Page0 Inline Answers

This has been the main project I have been assigned to during my 12 month internship at Bing’s office in London. I have been the main developer who implemented the inline preview pane on existing scenarios, from direct nav to single entities, weather and finance. The experience is currently shipped on all markets.
Technologies used: C#, JavaScript, CSS, Spark



Travel Journal

As part of my Advanced Frontend Development course in my final year as undergradute, I had to develop mobile app idea that would use a wide range of advanced front-end tools. The app lets you save important locations in a new city and make notes about it.

Technologies used: Ionic, AngularJS, Jasmine, SCSS, Google Maps API



Handymen Agency

The video displays my second year University project that was created using the PHP framework CodeIgniter. It gave me the oppportunity to learn about the MVC model and construct a web application that supports multiple groups of users who can perform different task on the website.

Technologies used: PHP, jQuery, CSS, HTML5




This is my first assignment for Web Programming in the second year at Uni. It is a simple PHP web application which interacts with a database using PDO. You are able to view freelancers in a database, add new ones, delete records or search in the database for a programmer using 3 different filters.

Technologies used: PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS




This is my first project as a freelancer. It has been a real pleasure to work with this client and we managed to create a brochure-type website, just as he wished. This website displays his creative and innovative business idea. For this project, I created a WordPress theme from scratch.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, WordPress




My first commercial website is YUMM.RO. This an online platform which aims to gather all the home-delivery restaurants in Romania and allow the user to place online orders. It is both a challenge for my technical skills, but mostly for my business skills.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Responsive Design, WordPress



Creative Fusion

This is my First Year Team project. With a group of 5 other students, both Interactive Multimedia and Web Technologies students, we created a portfolio website with a responsive design.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Responsive Design




This project has pursued me to think big, to consider all aspects of my home country-Romania. A place which has so much to offer, it has been a true challenge to divide its beauty and combine a fresh and inviting look and feel, with yet a historical touch.

Technologies used: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6




Kanata is a website meant to present the charity foundation which supports disadvantaged children and families from Romania. It presents their activities, news, it offers the chance to donate money to support their cause and contact them in case you need any further details.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS & PHP


New Picture (3)

Rock n’ Roll

This is my first project using Adobe Flash. I had to create a Flash Application on a music related theme. I chose rock n’roll as it is my favourite genre!

Technologies used: Adobe Flash CS6



Splash Events

Created exclusively with HTML5 and CSS3 this was my first Web Programming assignment from my First Year at the University. I had to create valid pages and follow a given structure: prove understanding of tables, contact forms and latest CSS3 techniques.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3



Math Made Fun

Math Made Fun is a Flash Application created for my second assignment in Studio 1 Module. It showed my understanding of ActionScript 3.0. It was really funny to create this application, considering that it is aimed for small children who can learn basic maths operations. It had to be designed for a tablet, so probably on a desktop screen one may zoom out to 80% to see the entire app.

Technologies used: ActionScript 3.0, Adobe Flash CS6



Never Give Up

This is a Print Design created as my second assignment in the Visual Design Module. It finally became a puzzle that children could use for an educational purpose. The design inspired values such as ambition, motivation and determination.

Technologies used: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6