Today I literally bumped into an amazing app – I knew I just had to share it here with you guys! It is a brilliant idea from a group of talented ‘techy’ entrepreneurs called Knotch. In this app, you simply express your opinions using… colours! You find or create a topic, then you use warm colours to show your support and cold ones for when… Read More

Visual Design

Today I’ll continue my round-up series and tell you about my Visual Design module. The greatest challenge this year is to do a make-over to my portfolio. Apart from this big project, I’ll have to choose another 2 or 3 briefs to develop some visual design concepts. I haven’t yet decided on all of them, but one I’ll chose for sure and that is studying… Read More

Designing Information Systems for People

Just as I said, today I’ll shortly sum up my experiences so far regarding the DISP module, as everybody calls it. Being introduced to User Experience has been a great adventure so far! We are lucky to work in this module with a company called Perform – a leading sports digital media company with offices all around the world. We have to analyse one of… Read More

Web Design and Programming

Since Guidance Week is coming right now, I thought it would be a good idea to make a short round-up of my first 6 weeks at Uni this year. I will write each day about a different module I study. To start with my favourite – the Web Design and Programming module has shown me again how great PHP is and what amazing things I… Read More

Google Helpouts launched today

Google Helpouts is available today to everyone! It has been revealed in August as a private service, but now anyone can get help from the vetted providers in real time. Divided into 8 main categories – Art & Music, Computers & Electronics, Cooking, Education & Careers, Fashion & Beauty, Nutrition & Fitness, Health and Home & Garden – Google Helpouts is available from today… Read More

Light Bulbs just got smarter!

With experts saying that in the near future light bulbs will be sources of wireless Internet, who knows what else we’ll be expecting from a light bulb! But for now, Philips has introduced the Hue smart lightning system which is really nicely explained in the video I posted below. To explain a little bit the system, the standard pack comes with 3 ‘smart’ light bulbs… Read More

Firefox OS – build entirely on web technologies

In case you haven’t heard yet, The Adaptive Phone – as Mozilla calls it, is what Firefox OS brings new on the market. What makes it special is the fact that it adapts to what you look for. Say for example you search for ‘party’ and then your background changes according to the theme, the apps that you see regard gifts, balloons, flowers, music and… Read More

Apple’s October Event

I have just watched one of the best presentations ever! Today’s Apple Event showcased some of their greatest achievements for 2013 and came with exciting news for all Apple fans. Just in a nutshell, the event covered the launch of OSX Mavericks – their latest operating system, available for free on all Mac devices, even those who belong to the 2007 generation! Along with that,… Read More

Google launches a new product for Web Designers

On the 30th of September, Google launched a beta application aimed to make designers’ life easier. And not only. With this new tool anybody can design their own ads and promote their business in a professional manner, how they want to, whichever colours, whichever animations. The app is called Google Web Designer and it’s based on HTML5 exclusively, which is great! The designs you create are… Read More

IT’s not just for the boys

Yesterday I have been lucky enough to attend an incredible event in London at Bloomberg’s Headquarters (amazing!!). It was, as you can see from its name, destined to undergraduate female students who study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths). I don’t even know where to start from. The agenda kept us busy all day long with loads of inspiring guest speakers, team challenges, insider’s insights,… Read More