Samsung S5 predicted to have an eye scanner

Hey everybody! First post of 2014 comes with a debate on the life-time battle between Apple and Samsung. Now that the latest iPhone 5S addresses security issues by implementing the fingerprint scanner, Samsung could not sit back and do nothing so, as Bloomberg reports, the new S5 may come with an eye scanner. By April 2014, we would expect to see the new Samsung S5,… Read More

Web Design Trends we can expect in 2014

So here we are, the last day of 2013! I just want to tell you all how happy I am for a wonderful year! My first year ended as well as I expected with a first grade, I’ve launched my first business idea, I have enlarged my portfolio and experiences and travelled to new places, just as I hope every year. I am lucky to… Read More

Seven Principles that Make your Website more Engaging

Today I would just like to share with you an amazing video I was shown in my User Experience module. I really really like it and it summarises some of the most important things you need to have in mind before designing and developing a website. Enjoy!

Airports, Christmas and UX – find out the link between them!

Hi everybody! I’ve had quite a hectic couple of days, but now I definitely have some time between my flights back home to tell you what I’ve been up to lately. Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to be invited to a couple of placement interviews in the last week so I believe the stress level has reached its highest peak so far, having so little… Read More

My PHP Project

Hey guys! Just as I promised, I will share with you now my first Web Programming Assignment this year. It displays what I’ve learned so far in this course regarding PHP. This simple application allows the user to search in a database, add or delete records from it. I have used PDO to communicate with the database and also included a diagram of the database… Read More

How are my Uni Projects going?

Hey guys! It’s December already – last month of the year! Had no idea when time passed by so fast. The last couple of weeks have been quite hectic for me as I had ( and still have ) loads of stuff to do. The end of the first term is always a crazy race! This week I had my Team Project checkpoint meeting to… Read More

One Community Foundation – my latest project

Hey guys! Today I’ll tell you about the latest project I am involved in. Last week I volunteered to help One Community Foundation – a charity foundation which inspires local giving for people of Kirklees. I found it an interesting cause to support, as Huddersfield is now my adoptive home town and if there’s anything I can do to know that I helped somebody that’s… Read More

Instagram now available for Windows Phone users

A great improvement for the Windows Phone app family is today’s launch of Instagram especially designed for this OS. It still, however, lacks some of its features, such as the ability to post videos or take a photo within Instagram and post it. I expect these will surely come in future updates of the app. It is purely crucial for those who take pride in… Read More

Portfolio Re-Design Mock-Ups

Hey guys! Today I decided to show you my website’s re-design as I feel it’s been to long since I left it looking like this, but you know, I’ve been busy proudly creating portfolio items for it. It will be a one-page design with a parallax scrolling effect to add interactivity. Here are 5 screenshots which are made accordingly to the moodboard I showed you… Read More

The new Office Remote from Microsoft

Just yesterday, Microsoft Research announced the launch of a new really useful Windows Phone mobile app. The Office Remote app, enables users to interact with their Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents remotely. I see this app as extremely useful while holding presentations. The key ingredients for this recipe to work are a Windows PC with the desktop add-in, a Windows Phone, Office 2013 and both… Read More