Mobile World Congress 2014

Yesterday the Mobile World Congress started in Barcelona, surprising everybody with the latest innovations in mobile technology. It’s no secret mobile gains more and more popularity in today’s world, some people stating that “by 2025 most of the people will have at least 5 connected devices”. That’s not much considering that we’re witnessing the expansion on tablets and wearable devices, from smart watches to glasses…. Read More

Facebook buys Instant Messaging App WhatsApp

It looks like this is the ‘news of the day’! Facebook announced today that it will buy WhatsApp for the beautiful sum of $19 billion. Some say it’s $16 billion, but in fact, there are to be paid $4bn in cash, $12bn in Facebook shares and also $3bn in vesting restricted stock, which all need to be paid in 4 years. An interesting fact about this… Read More

The History of Skype

As this came up as a topic in a challenging conversation I recently had, I thought it would be nice to share with you all, of course, those who are curious to find out more, the history of Skype. I am sure most of the students like me, studying abroad, miles away from home, use Skype probably if not on a daily basis, multiple times… Read More

Microsoft gives airlines new ways to enhance customer experience via technology

At this week’s Singapore Airshow, Microsoft announced important partnerships with 3 airlines, providing online services for passengers, crew members and also pilots. The companies that are approaching technology on board from new angles are Lufthansa, Jeppesen and Avenade. Each of them introduced this week in Singapore the apps that will run on Windows devices and offer passengers the chance to view information about their destinations,… Read More

Firefox OS is growing making new partnerships

At 2014′s CES show in Las Vegas, Firefox announced important collaborations which aim to bring the platform to new devices. Here is what we can expect: Partnership with Panasonic to deliver the new operating system on smart TVs. This shows the power of HTML5 and other web technologies taking “consumers to a whole new level of interaction and connectivity inside and outside of the home,”… Read More

Happy Birthday Facebook on your 10th anniversary!

Today marks a decade since a couple of students at Harvard decided to launch a social network to connect their fellow colleagues. Since then, it has reached an incredible number of lives, connecting people all around the world, and to be more precise I think exactly 206.1 billion friend connections. Other statistics display the fact that only in December 2013, there have been more than… Read More

Today I built my first Android app

In my attempt to start working on my team project’s idea, I have started today learning Android app development using Eclipse. You can’t imagine how happy I was to see the emulator react to the code I’ve written. I’ll be probably laughing over the years about my reactions today for creating something so basic, but yeah.. couldn’t help it! Now the knowledge of Java I’ve gained… Read More

New Quiz App from Microsoft

Microsoft is ready to launch an app soon that caught my attention. It is a funny and fresh idea that will allow Microsoft fans, and not only, win amazing Microsoft products from a Nokia Lumia to an new Xbox One. I see this as a really clever marketing idea, that will allow new users engage with Microsoft’s culture. All you have to do is answer… Read More

Fancy Wearable Technology? Kiwi Move is something interesting you will surely want to find out more about

As soon as I saw the article’s title about Kiwi Move, I knew I wanted to find out more. What makes it really interesting for me is the fact that it resembles a lot with my team project’s idea for this year. We had to come up with a concept app regarding intelligent technology and we somehow sketched out exactly what Kiwi Move is actually… Read More

Today Google launched Chrome 32

Hey guys! The new year came with a new version for Chrome, also. With the most important fixes represented by resolving 21 security issues. Promised from February last year, this new version comes with tabs which indicate sound, use of the webcam or casting. Now the issue of “which tab is making that noise” is simply resolved by small visual icons that indicate the particular… Read More