Google’s self-driving prototype vehicle

A lot of rumours have been speculated about Google’s intention to develop a self-driving car. But only yesterday, Chris Urmson, Director of the Self-Driving Car Project at Google, announced the testing of the first prototype. Below, you can watch a video of the car that has no steering wheel, no accelerator pedal, nor a brake pedal. Quite scary, right? All you need to do is press the GO… Read More

“The Tablet That Can Replace Your Laptop”

This is the newly announced Surface Pro 3, from Microsoft. This week they’ve made a “small gathering” in New York to present their new tablet, available to pre-order in the US from the 20th of June. By the end of the summer it will also be available in most European countries. Its specifications are quite impressive and it very much resembles a laptop, considering you… Read More

Mallorca, Spain

I can honestly say this island surprised me quite a lot. I did not expect so many beautiful landscapes on a Spanish island I’ve only heard of once or twice before. Even though its ‘sister’, Ibiza, is world renowned for the clubs and parties, Mallorca has a completely different vibe. It looked to me as a perfect place to relax, lay on the beach while… Read More

Long time no see

Yep yep. Long time no posts. This can only be due to my hectic schedule at the moment which finds me invoved in 3 huge projects for this second year at Uni. I’ll hopefully be done with everthing on the 9th of May and then I’ll be able to relax and enjoy a short trip. I cannot wait! To keep you posted on my current… Read More

Big Data and Cities

It is an amazing time for the cloud to offer incredible opportunities to enhance the power of big data. More and more governments realise the power of open data and allow developers to access useful information about a city in order to create new solutions to a variety of issues. Large cities often confront themselves with traffic congestions, an impressive number of tourists or very… Read More

Year Two User Experience Assignment

Since I’ve returned from Barcelona, things have been quite hectic, to be honest. Checkpoint meetings for my individual and team projects, final deadline for my UX module… No time to reflect on any news or events. However, I sinked deep into research for my UX module so I think now would be a good time to share with you some bits of what I’ve learned… Read More

Barcelona, Spain

Three days in Barcelona – that is all you need to fall in love with the beautiful Catalan capital, a pure expression of sound, music, colour, life and creativity. I felt a really strong connection with this city, as it reminded me of home, of a subtle latin vibe. I felt complete. The soft sand and chilly sea breeze helped me recover from missing my… Read More

Blend – a social network for college students only

Blend is an amazing startup founded in May 2013 by 2 college drop-outs from the US and one other developer. Their mantra is “snap.share.score”. How this works is that students are challenged each day to post photos on a certain theme, for instance “My pet is better than yours” or “Library Shenanigans” and if you receive enough ‘snaps’, equivalent of ‘likes’, you can redeem free… Read More

Facebook’s Updated News Feed

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry, you’ve heard it before. One year ago, Facebook promised a new news feed, with improved design elements, to make it look like a “personalized newspaper.”. Unfortunately, after user testing, many users felt confused and did not seem to get along very well with that version. Consequently, Facebook decided to tweak it for the last months and bring something that… Read More


I just want  to share with you quickly this amazing tool coming from the wonderful San Francisco, as usual! It is amazing to see in one place everything you would wish for as a web developer, being able to preview so so fast everything you create, especially when databases and servers are involved. There are loads of tools that are quite similar, but the simple design… Read More