ECMAScript 6 New Features

As I was interested to discover what ECMAScript 6 will bring to what we usually refer to as simply JavaScript, I found Dr. Alex  Rauschmayer’s (@rauschma) presentation held at the Frontendconf in Zurich in August 2014: He presented the ECMAScript 6 in a very clear and concise manner and detailed posts on each new feature, could be found on his personal blog. I would highly… Read More

How do I see Big Data?

A New Year has arrived and I thought I should open up with my favourite tech topic of 2015. Even though, Big Data has been around for at least 3 years, this will be the year when people will realise its power. Well, this article is about how I would explain to somebody that has no technical background about what it means. Big Data is… Read More

Who’s tracking Santa?

Benefiting from more advertising, Google’s Santa Tracker is the one that most people are familiar with this time of the year. Few people know, however, that NORAD, in partnership with Microsoft, provides a similar tracking system for Father Christmas. Norad’s system started in 1955 and is more popular in the United States. Google’s tracker started in 2004, but has gained a lot of popularity over… Read More

Microprocessors, part II

To pick up where I left off in my previous post, this race to cram up as many transistors as possible onto an integrated circuit made the microprocessor not only more powerful, but much more smaller. This enabled engineers to create all these smart portable devices that we now use on a daily basis – smartphones, tablets or laptops. So the size of a transistor… Read More


I’ve always wanted to understand thoroughly, from an engineering point of view, how the computer works. So I found myself lost today into an article about Moore’s law and the microprocessors from the first semiconductors to the most performant processors we can think of today. Technology as we perceive it today is not all about the beautiful code we write to make computers create amazing… Read More

Bergamo and Como Lake, Italy

A quick weekend in November in the Como lake area was enough to understand the peacefullness of the area and to regret not seeing the beauty of the coast in spring, when flowers bloom. Renting a car was the best thing to do here, as you have interesting landscapes to see on the roads that circle the Como lake in Italy. Unfortunately, while we visited… Read More

Summary of these last three months

Here we are, it’s November and I think this has been the longest period I’ve been silent on my blog. Three months now. But these 3 months represented a key foundation of my future career. My internship at Microsoft in Bing is honestly the best thing that could have happened to me and I’d always be proud of myself for taking this decision. In order… Read More

Bing Desktop

Would you like to see a different random desktop background every day? Probably some of you don’t know yet about Bing Desktop and what it does. Let me quickly tell you a few things about it! I also just found out about it a couple of months ago so I thought I’d share it with you guys. It’s very nice to be “greeted” each morning… Read More

Istanbul, Turkey

I wanted to go to this city for a long long time. It’s so close to where I live, but still, I have never had the chance to travel there. So I got to spend 3 days in the wonderful Istanbul, but unfortunately, they weren’t enough. This city is so large and vast you must dedicate it at least a week in order to explore… Read More

WWDC 2014 and Swift

Apple’s Developers Conference WWDC 2014 debuted yesterday in San Francisco. They presented their latest achievements and plans for both their operating systems – OSX and iOS. The most interesting “creation” presented yesterday, for me, was the new programming language they have been developing for a while, called Swift. Everybody was quite surprised to hear this news, as not everybody was expecting such a change. Opinions… Read More