Windows 10 is now available

Yey yey! Great day for Microsoft! The lastest version of the famous operating system is now available with a free upgrade for licensed versions of Windows. In order to break the cycle of bad version, good version, Microsoft promised this would be the “last Windows” and they will keep iterrating on this version to make sure it addresses all its users’ neeeds. I have been… Read More

Inline Answes on Bing International

As you may know, Bing offers its users different experiences, depending on their market. While this may not seem like a very good idea, I believe that it is best to offer users the best experience available for the data sets Bing is working with on that market. Different users behave differently and Bing is an ever growning search engine, aiming to become even stronger,… Read More

Multi Entity Inline Answers on Bing

The inline answers in Bing now have a new “friend”. Today, the implementation I’ve worked on for the disambiguation queries, or multi entities has reached production on the Bing US market. Searching for queries such as Michelle Williams, will trigger the multi entity answer that will show users a suggestion for either the actress, or the singer. Example queries are numerous. It could be pitbull… Read More

LSRS Speed Networking Event

Last Saturday I have been to an incredible event organised by the League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS) here in London. We met at Romania’s Cultural Institute for a lovely afternoon full of very interesting people. The afternoon started with a panel of 4 successful Romanians from diverse fields, who had some great accomplishments abroad.   After listening to their wonderful stories and seeing their… Read More

Inline Answers on Bing US

Hey hey hey! I know I haven’t written in a while, but this news is absolutely awesome! This is my first full feature developed and launched live on, for millions of US Bing users to see! What I did is I worked on the re-design of the old preview pane and gave it a new condensed look and feel, more visible to the user…. Read More

Microsoft Aspire

We are one week away from the great event a team of 8 Microsoft female interns has created for undergraduate girls in the UK. We have developed an event, based on what we know students our age would benefit from the most and this means: networking and inspiration! We can all relate to their expectations, so we hope the agenda we’ve set up will exceed them! The event will take… Read More

Spring came this year with a new look

Remember this?   It’s history! I decided it is high time to redesign my website and give it a fresh new look and feel. After taking it to the “hairdresser”, this is the outcome I came up with and I will keep improving it wehenever I’ll have the time. I’ve been postponing this redesign for almost a year. I promised myself I’d do this before… Read More

Welcome Raspberry Pi 2!

Today I found out that a sequel of the famous Raspeberry Pi has been released, more powerful and more capable of connecting to all sorts of external hardware. Still a very low price for a fully functional computer, the Raspberry Pi is only $35. What’s awesome about it is that Microsoft announced they will create a special Windows 10 version that will be free for… Read More

Christmas Hackathon

Yey! Bing’s London office organised in December a 3 days Christmas Hackathon. There where 5 main prizes to be won and luckly, my team won one of them – the best end-user value award! Shiny and beautiful, this award hides a lot of work to make sure a working prototype is created while facing the constraints we had. This was the second hackathon I ever… Read More

Microsoft’s Brings Us the Future

Who couldn’t be taken by surprise when you hear holograms are here, in 2015! It’s surreal! I was sooo excited when I found out about this yesterday, I literally could not stop smiling the entire evening. I immediately imagined my grandparents using the HoloLens and visualizing a completely new augmented reality that they only saw in science fiction films. They were born in the ’30s,… Read More