Launched my first Lean In Circle

After attending the Grace Hopper Celebration conference last October, I knew I had to do something in my own community at the University of Huddersfield to help girls who study STEM subjects. Help them see the incredible opportunitites they have. At the beginning of this year, I discussed with two other final year students and we decided to start a society for all girls at… Read More

Masters Offer from UCL

I just cannot emphasise how happy (and relieved) I was yesterday when I received the offer letter from UCL. People that are close to me know how much I’ve wanted this. I spotted this Masters degree since I was in my first year of University. I emailed the admissions office and inquired if the course that I am on and all the modules I take… Read More

Final Year Project Poster

Hey everybody! Happy New Year! This year starts with the poster presentation we’ll have at University on the 14th of January. For it, all final year students had to prepeare a poster for their project. Below, I shared with you my poster, which may suffer minor changes by the time I’ll actually present it.¬†When I structured it, I tried to keep it simple, visual and… Read More

HTTP Video Streaming

As I have mentioned in my previous post, my dissertation will focus mainly on optimising online video streaming for slow Internet connections. During the first week of December, I finalised my literature review section and I had the chance to learn more about the process of online video streaming. I have also included in my study a detailed description of current initiatives in central Africa… Read More

GHC15 Experience

Yep, fellow readers, it is high time for me to write about my experience at GHC15! During the entire month of September I have been so curious about how it will be, who I’ll meet, what people I’ll listen to and what opportunities I will find out about! I did my best to prepare as good as possible, following the advice I received beforehand: create… Read More

My Dissertation Project

September 2015 is here, which means only one thing : there’s no more time to waste, I have to start working on my dissertation project! I thought I should introduce you to my idea, so here is a summary of what I intend to work on for my final year project that has to be presented in May 2016. I thought a lot about what… Read More

New York, United States

What can I say now? It has always been my dream to wander the streets of New York, admiring breathtaking skyscrapers and enjoying a walk in the famous Central Park. My dream came true this year! Anxious that I wouldn’t get a tourist visa for the US, undecided how I should travel from Montreal to NY and with no idea where I should stay, I… Read More

Rework, by J. Fried and D. Heinemeier Hansson

What an amazing read! I finished this book in just a few hours, as it is so well written, it fells like you are reading small and smart articles. Divided into chapters, the articles are one or maximum 2 pages long and focus on a main statement formulated as the title. The book is truly a mix of secrets, tips and advice from the writers’… Read More

Grace Hopper Conference 2015 Scholar!!

Incredibly incredibly happy! I have wished for this for so long and I just cannot wait to go there, I am literally counting the days! I have heard so many great things about it from last year’s attendees and I am aware it will be an unique opportunity for me to develop myself. The conference will take place in Houston, TX between the 14th and… Read More


I can honestly say that during one week, we managed to travel through the entire Croatia. Of course, without a huge budget we were only able to stop at the Pag Island, Plitvice National Park and the Dubrovnik coast. Nonetheless, this trip took as through 10 countries in 14 days : Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, England, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia! I… Read More