Flash content in IE10

Starting from today, Microsoft has updated Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 and Windows RT so that it would run by default the Flash Content on all the websites. That’s a step forward, considering that Internet Explorer has always been behind with the latest technologies in Web Development and it’s still causing serious problems for lots of developers. Representatives from Microsoft say that this change… Read More

Control your smartphone with your eyes

How’s that possible? Well, on 14th of March at New York, Samsung is going to unveil their latest smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S IV. The feature that is surely going to change the future of digital media is the ‘Eye Scroll’. This new technology practically detects your eye movement and notices when you have reached the end of a page so it automatically scrolls down… Read More

New design for Facebook

Last night, Facebook presented the next design for their News Feed. It offers a more tidier look, more white space, so it will be easier for us to read all our friend’s posts. If you want to, you can join here the waiting list, so you can be one of the first to experience this new design. People have always complained about the News Feed being… Read More

CMS Continued

To continue where I left off yesterday, I will explain how all these CMS are Open Source projects. Open Source means that there is an open community which creates new features for each platform. There are hundreds of people working on it from all over the world. If you develop your coding skills, you can be part of this community by creating themes for other… Read More

CMS (Content Management Systems)

“We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”- Marshall McLuhan Today I am going to write about Content Management Systems. What are they and what is their purpose? Well, nowadays they have become more and more popular. A CMS is a platform where one can manage his own data to create a lovely website or a blog. You no longer have to be… Read More

The Future of Digital

Let’s see what Richard Robinson, Business Markets Director at Google, thinks about the future of digital! He sees the future lying on 3 key pillars : Pace This concept relies on the incredible speed in which things are developing around us. Just consider the fact that it took 78 years for the telephone to reach the majority of the population, 38 years for television, 14… Read More

Mobile it’s not a phase, it’s here to stay

Does anyone want to know who was the one who first proposed the concept of a smartphone? Well, it was a Greek inventor and businessman called Theodore George “Ted” Paraskevakos and he used this term in 1973. He was thinking about combining intelligence, data processing and visual display screens with telephones. Some of the few things he imagined these telephones could do was to pay utility bills… Read More

My promise to you

All the posts that I am going to write are about making technology news and facts available to everyone. Therefore, you are not going to see “fancy” words without an explanation. You are going to see on this blog facts which may be interesting to you, useful at some point in your life. You just have to be a little bit curious and in time,… Read More

Review on the ‘Technology for Marketing & Advertising’ Event

Hey everyone! Just as I promised, today I’ll post a quick review on the past two days at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising Event. Don’t worry, there are loads to say and it is not possible to cover them all in one post. Therefore, I will try to organise my ideas and separate them into a couple of different posts over the next days…. Read More

On the wave

Hey guys! I am now officially surfing along on the waves of the World Wide Web with my newly launched personal blog. I have wanted to do this for a really long time so here it is finally! This blog will firstly record my progress as an individual as my aim is to post a new entry every day on some hot interesting web related… Read More