5 Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

I am sure most of you heard at some point about Chrome Extensions, but don’t use them so much or haven’t heard about what they can do. Well, this week I needed a way to re-size my browser to an exact value of pixels, in order to test a tablet version of a website. Of course, an extension came in handy called Window Resizer. So… Read More

Will there be a Facebook Phone?

This question has been long-rumored and led people to make all sorts of presumptions around the subject. Well, recently, more exactly on 4th of April, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled more details about what is to be called Facebook Home. This is not of course, an actual phone, but more of an interface for Android devices. The phone that will have this already integrated is created by… Read More

Microsoft’s New WorldWide Telescope

After quite an extended weekend, I thought it might be nice to update my blog and bring to you guys a new piece of interesting information. For all those who are passionate about astronomy or fancy this subject, you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft has launched the a visualization software environment, which can transform your very own PC into a virtual telescope! This huge… Read More

Google Maps latest Live Transit Feature

Starting from Wednesday, this week, Google has announced that they have launched a new Live Transit feature, especially for people who use their app. This is an extremely useful feature that will surely come in help for those who usually commute to work everyday. If you still think about how technology will change your life in the future, here are all the small steps that… Read More

A new Facebook Feature : “Reply” to Comments

What I am about to write now is a really really useful feature Facebook has announced on Monday they released. What this does is allowing the user to reply to a specific comment, instead of how the system works now (your comment appears at the bottom). Well, for now this will only work for pages which have more than 10,000 followers or are brand Pages…. Read More

When we will see the new iPhone 5S and iPad 5?

According to the magazine Inquisitr, the next big event organised by Apple, will take place on 29th of June, this year. The main reason for holding this event is because they celebrate 6 years from the launch of their first iPhone. It would be a nice way to reward themselves with a new series of improved gadgets. As slowly they seem lose power over their… Read More

When will we see the new Windows 9?

After a lot of criticism about Windows 8, Microsoft is ready to come up with the so-called Windows 9 (we’re not sure if that’s the name it’s going to have) in November 2014. Quite a long way to go, huh? Don’t worry, the first beta version of the product will be available in January 2014 with optimized features for the touch screens. As for this… Read More

Send gifts through Facebook

Since September 2012, Facebook announced that they will promote a new feature – Give a gift. As today’s the birthday of someone really special in my life, I thought this post would be just perfect! Any time one of your friends will post something that calls for congratulations – it’s their birthday, they passed a tough exam, they had a baby, they got engaged, they… Read More

How would the iWatch look like?

Probably one of the most expected gadgets for 2013 is the iWatch, a device on which more than 100 engineers are working at the Apple’s headquarters in California right now. The April’s edition of the magazine MacUser proposes this unique design created by┬áMartin Hajek. It gathers the look and feel of iPhone 5, looking quite classy, elegant. In my opinion is one of the best… Read More

Backward Controls for your smartphone

Currently, people interact only with the screen of their mobile devices. Not for too long! Google is producing now a solution so we would be able to interact with our device by swiping on its back so our pretty little fingers won’t stand in our way any more. This year, Google has filed to patent this new technology that would surely influence the near future… Read More