Learning PHP

Although I had an idea about PHP, what it is and what it does, how to write simple functions, I thought that it is high time to get to know a little bit better the most populaaaar scripting language. So here I am, declaring my solemn promise that I will not abandon my initiative during such an inviting summer holiday in my hometown, near the… Read More

Rome, Italy

I believe that everybody sees Rome in a particular, different way. You cannot describe it as a whole because Rome manages to get inside your soul and reflect its beauty in a special way for each person. That is a feeling I have never felt in any other city I have visited before. One thing that I believe astonishes everybody is the mix of ages… Read More

Napoli and Capri, Italy

I don’t even know where to start describing Napoli. I was surprised. Amazed. I have never seen anything like this in my life… not in a positive way. In short Napoli is the best example of the southern chaotic Italian city. Dirt, thieves, whistles on the street, no space, no rules, no order, no work, no air. I cannot say I disliked it, in fact,… Read More

Chrome Academy 2013

Last week, Google organised at its headquarters in Mountain View, California – Chrome Academy, a summer program for freshmen and sophomore students. As I was looking in more detail at this program I only wished I could join them there! I still hope, however, that maybe next summer I will be able to join their incredible team! I have watched a video with students who… Read More

Google Project Loon

This week, Google will launch no less than 30 test balloons up in the stratosphere. You’ll probably ask why? Well, these balloons will test their idea of connecting rural and remote areas to Internet. They will be fueled by solar power and will contain equipment that will allow them to spread Wi-fi Signal to people. At the moment, they float above New Zealand, where people… Read More

Review iOS7

Recently presented at their Developers Conference, iOS7 is Apple’s new operating system for mobile devices. Compared to previous versions, the changes iOS7 comes with are quite impressive! First of all, you can take a look at their video : http://www.apple.com/ios/ios7/#video . It basically sums up in 7:33 minutes everything you need to know about iOS7 and if you are passionate about iOS is a time well spent!… Read More

News and Rumours about iPhone 5S

There are only a few couple of days left until the WWDC 2013 – Apple’s annual developers conference. Some things we might expect to be presented there in more detail are the special ‘guest at the party’ –  the new iOS 7, OS X 10.9, a MacBook refresh, an offline Siri and a new radio service called iRadio. They will have to compete with all… Read More

Yumm.ro is online

Long time no see, ah? Well, working for a commercial project is not an easy thing to do, I discover! But it’s surely a challenge from which I will learn a lot! On the 1st of June, I have released my first commercial project – Yumm.ro ! This little baby is aimed to reach a national target market, starting now with a database with home-delivery… Read More

My First Commercial Project

Hey guys! There have been some crazy couple of days coming back home and I have so little to time to devote to my blog that it makes me want to cry! Nevertheless, I can quickly tell you that I am working on a great great web platform right now, day and night, which is to be launched on the 1st of June! With just… Read More

Quick hello!

Hey guys! This is just a short post saying you hi, in case you missed my presence around here ! I am currently on a road trip going back from the UK to Romania with my car. I am saying hi right now from Vienna, lovely city where I’ll be returning shortly to watch the wonderful Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert at Schönbrunn. I somehow miss technology… Read More