Internet Use – Mobile takes the lead

Have you ever wondered what is the current number of people who use Internet on mobile devices nowadays, rather than on the good old PC? Well, there’s no surprise in the fact that we see more and more individuals using their smartphones and tablets while they’re on to go. In fact, the figures I’ll display show how much people demand mobility from their devices now,… Read More

My New Objective: Java

Hey guys! Here we are at the beginning of October (my favourite month actually) and just one week after Uni began. Just as I said in my previous post, I am facing a pretty busy year, but hopefully, one to remember! So, I chose this year to take on an extra module, respectively Software Design and Development. I really really wanted to learn OOP (Object… Read More

10 Great Freelancing Websites for Web Developers

Hey guys! My summer holiday is coming to the end and tomorrow I take a deep breath and I look forward to my second year at the Uni – a hard one indeed. I have a lot to do and I pretty excited (for now) ! In this post I decided to make a short list of 10 great websites for those who wish to… Read More

Is this the future concept of mobile phones?

Hey guys! Here’s just a short post with a little bit of food for thought: I would like to share with you this interesting video and you can then agree or disagree with such a concept for the future. Of course there are pro’s and con’s and a debate on such a theme would be quite interesting!  

HTML5 – Interesting Facts

Good morning everybody! Today I’ll share with you a few interesting facts about HTML5 that I hope you’ll find useful while coding your projects: Add captions to an image The <figure> elements helps you introduce a caption easier. Along with <figcaption> you can use them like this: <figure> <img src=”image” alt=”About image” /> <figcaption> <p>This image is really nice. </p> </figcaption> </figure> type is no… Read More


This morning I have been asked by a client on Elance, if I am familiar with the Bootstrap Framework. Well, let’s see now how I’ll get familiar with it. I’ll share with you here what are my findings so far and how great this thing is! So, Bootstrap is basically, a framework which helps web developers to create a responsive version of their website and… Read More

London, England

A week ago, I have just finished my lovely trip in London. Yes, I can never get enough of that wonderful city!Everytime I get there my mind says “Raluca, you want to live here one day!” – and I couldn’t agree more! I don’t know what makes it so beautiful in my head but I feel like I belong and fit in there perfectly. If… Read More

The ThinqTanq Project

Hey guys! Today I’ll update my portfolio with a new interesting project as a freelancer. It has been a pleasure to work with this client and I am surely looking forward to completing other new projects this summer! In a few words, THINQTANQ is an innovative British business which mainly offers facilities for those who wish to practice their hobbies or gather for meetings and… Read More

Where is Raluca?

Hey guyssss!! I am soooo sorry I haven’t posted anything in such a looong time but I’ve been busy busy busy. Here’s a short catch-up of what I’ve been up to lately. Yes, my PHP learning is doing just fine, I am just starting (finally!) to get into a little bit of advanced stuff, as I wanted to know the basics by heart. I’ve also… Read More

Google Chromecast

Announced 2 days ago, Chromecast is the latest Google device which brings something really really useful to each individual. Through this small USB device you can now connect your favourite online entertainment to your HDTV, sit back, relax and enjoy on your couch everything you want to see. You no longer need a hundred meters of wires to connect your TV with your other devices…. Read More