New York, United States

What can I say now? It has always been my dream to wander the streets of New York, admiring breathtaking skyscrapers and enjoying a walk in the famous Central Park. My dream came true this year! Anxious that I wouldn’t get a tourist visa for the US, undecided how I should travel from Montreal to NY and with no idea where I should stay, I… Read More

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I can honestly say that during one week, we managed to travel through the entire Croatia. Of course, without a huge budget we were only able to stop at the Pag Island, Plitvice National Park and the Dubrovnik coast. Nonetheless, this trip took as through 10 countries in 14 days : Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, England, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia! I… Read More

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Bergamo and Como Lake, Italy

A quick weekend in November in the Como lake area was enough to understand the peacefullness of the area and to regret not seeing the beauty of the coast in spring, when flowers bloom. Renting a car was the best thing to do here, as you have interesting landscapes to see on the roads that circle the Como lake in Italy. Unfortunately, while we visited… Read More

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Istanbul, Turkey

I wanted to go to this city for a long long time. It’s so close to where I live, but still, I have never had the chance to travel there. So I got to spend 3 days in the wonderful Istanbul, but unfortunately, they weren’t enough. This city is so large and vast you must dedicate it at least a week in order to explore… Read More

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Mallorca, Spain

I can honestly say this island surprised me quite a lot. I did not expect so many beautiful landscapes on a Spanish island I’ve only heard of once or twice before. Even though its ‘sister’, Ibiza, is world renowned for the clubs and parties, Mallorca has a completely different vibe. It looked to me as a perfect place to relax, lay on the beach while… Read More

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Barcelona, Spain

Three days in Barcelona – that is all you need to fall in love with the beautiful Catalan capital, a pure expression of sound, music, colour, life and creativity. I felt a really strong connection with this city, as it reminded me of home, of a subtle latin vibe. I felt complete. The soft sand and chilly sea breeze helped me recover from missing my… Read More

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London, England

A week ago, I have just finished my lovely trip in London. Yes, I can never get enough of that wonderful city!Everytime I get there my mind says “Raluca, you want to live here one day!” – and I couldn’t agree more! I don’t know what makes it so beautiful in my head but I feel like I belong and fit in there perfectly. If… Read More

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Rome, Italy

I believe that everybody sees Rome in a particular, different way. You cannot describe it as a whole because Rome manages to get inside your soul and reflect its beauty in a special way for each person. That is a feeling I have never felt in any other city I have visited before. One thing that I believe astonishes everybody is the mix of ages… Read More

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Napoli and Capri, Italy

I don’t even know where to start describing Napoli. I was surprised. Amazed. I have never seen anything like this in my life… not in a positive way. In short Napoli is the best example of the southern chaotic Italian city. Dirt, thieves, whistles on the street, no space, no rules, no order, no work, no air. I cannot say I disliked it, in fact,… Read More

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