My Dissertation Project

September 2015 is here, which means only one thing : there’s no more time to waste, I have to start working on my dissertation project! I thought I should introduce you to my idea, so here is a summary of what I intend to work on for my final year project that has to be presented in May 2016.

I thought a lot about what I should focus on for my dissertation and one thing was clear from the beginning : I have to be passionate and truly believe in the topic in order to make sure I will develop the project to the best quality standards it deserves. Afterall, I’ll dedicate an entire academic year to one main project, so I was afraid of losing my interest halfway through if I didn’t care about the idea wholeheartedly.

With that in mind, I came up with this great project idea that checks all my criteria!

  • It is┬ámy strong belief that technology should be developed having a useful purpose. Whenever I will develop something, it has to benefit society or its particular set of future users in a meaningful way.
  • I also wanted it to combine theoretical topics of research with practicality.

The conclusion led me to a topic I deeply care about.

I will develop a prototype of an online MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform created especially for countries in central Africa. I believe higher education there should be encouraged to grow, as it can radically benefit the society to develop itself. The countries need truthful leaders and local business people to help grow the economy and offer true role models for the younger generation. The most important benefit of the Internet, in my opinion, is that it reaches billions of users. It breaks distance barriers. With my project I want to show that you can create and offer students personalised courses from renowned Universities that address their exact needs and bring them the knowledge they need in order to grow. All of this at no costs and optimised for mobile devices that are now rapidly adopted in these countries.

I will make sure I’ll keep a log under the #dissertation16 tag on my blog of all my interesting findings over the year and show you how the project will take shape. I am open to any of your comments and I would be more than happy to hear back from you if you have any tips or advice related to MOOCs, e-learning and the need for education in central Africa.