Mobile it’s not a phase, it’s here to stay

Does anyone want to know who was the one who first proposed the concept of a smartphone? Well, it was a Greek inventor and businessman called Theodore George “Ted” Paraskevakos and he used this term in 1973. He was thinking about combining intelligence, data processing and visual display screens with telephones. Some of the few things he imagined these telephones could do was to pay utility bills and manage you bank account. They do sound pretty common nowadays, don’t they?

That’s because today, smartphones have become a trustful friend, a good financial advisor, an indispensable reminder, a so much needed communication tool, a news device and the list can go on forever. Calling some exact figures, it is expected that by the end of 2013, the smartphone penetration market will reach 75% of the population in the UK. Quite impressive, right?

As a web developer, I must consider the fact that now a third of the websites are accessed from a mobile device. People are in a hurry and long hours spent commuting from work or school to their homes leave them under the ‘magic spell’ of a mobile phone. You can all agree that if you had a bad experience viewing a website or e-mail on your smartphone, there are slight chances you may return and check out again the desktop version when you reach home. Statistics say that 63% of Americans and 41% of Europeans close/delete e-mails which are not optimized for mobile. If you are technically able to create the best experience for your visitors, why not make it?

responsive design


So dear readers, if you experience a bad result when you view a website on your mobile phone and you constantly have to zoom in to see even the main title, don’t bother anymore. It is our job as developers to create the best experience one may get by using what we call responsive design. That means the layout of a website should adapt by itself, depending on the screen size of the device you open it from. To see how responsive design works, try to resize this windows so that it has the width of your smartphone. Do you notice how the layout has changed? That’s how all the websites should be from now on.