Microsoft’s Brings Us the Future

Who couldn’t be taken by surprise when you hear holograms are here, in 2015! It’s surreal! I was sooo excited when I found out about this yesterday, I literally could not stop smiling the entire evening. I immediately imagined my grandparents using the HoloLens and visualizing a completely new augmented reality that they only saw in science fiction films. They were born in the ’30s, so experiencing this in their lifetime, would be just out of this world!

Microsoft has taken the tech world by surprise in the same way, when they announced Kinect in 2010. Five years later, Microsoft Holographic is just a whole other level! I believe it’s double the “wowness”. It will make each and one of us an Iron Man, it will empower us to go beyond the screen and “touch” the technology. In the video below, the advanced technology is explained a bit more and the emerging opportunities are presented. Developers are invited to put their skills at work and create amazing experience that will bring this technology to good use and give it the usability it deserves! I would definitely love to contribute to this project in the future and be part of a team that will work with this new amazing innovation!