Microsoft Aspire

We are one week away from the great event a team of 8 Microsoft female interns has created for undergraduate girls in the UK. We have developed an event, based on what we know students our age would benefit from the most and this means: networking and inspiration! We can all relate to their expectations, so we hope the agenda we’ve set up will exceed them!


The event will take place on Friday afternoon at Microsoft’s UK HQ in Reading. After reviewing applications, we will expect 65 undergraduate female students from various disciplines and universities around the UK. Around 30% of attendees will be interested in the technical stream and I will be more than happy to share my experience with them and chat about their concerns.

We have invited a panel of 6 influential females that work at Microsoft UK to inspire and help the girls by answering all their questions. The attendees will also have the opportunities to get insights into how they should prepare their CVs, create a personal brand and manage their LinkedIn accounts. Four MACH employees (Microsoft’s graduate program) will also join us to show the girls how it is to start your career in a technology company.

The UK University Staffing team will also advise them on how they should prepare themselves and give them all the tips they need for making the best job application. Most students will be either first year students, looking for applying for a placement year after their second year, either final year students, interested in securing a permanent role within a technology company. We look forward to seeing you there!