Masters Offer from UCL

I just cannot emphasise how happy (and relieved) I was yesterday when I received the offer letter from UCL. People that are close to me know how much I’ve wanted this. I spotted this Masters degree since I was in my first year of University.

I emailed the admissions office and inquired if the course that I am on and all the modules I take would satisfy their entry requirements. They promptly replied to me and the programme’s manager said I should take on a course that uses Java/Python/C#, do an Artificial Intelligence one and some maths (statistics, probabilities).

Unfortunately, my degree (Web Technologies) did not include any of these modules. As a result, in my second year I decided to take an extra module, the one that the first year Computer Science students were taking for Software Design and Development. I was introduced to Java through this course. The lectures and practicals were at the same time with my Visual Design class. So I had to manage to attend both in equal measure. As an extra module, I wasn’t required to do the coursework and my attendance was not monitored. However, there’s no better way to learn something than by doing the coursework, so I lucky to have a very understanding lecturer and got an A for both projects.

Before going into my final year, my personal tutor help me transfer from my Web Technologies degree to an individualised one, where I could select the modules that the final year Computer Science students were taking, provided I met the pre-requisites. Apart from the dissertation project, I chose to do one module of my old Web Tech course – Advanced Front-end Development – and then select useful modules to meet the 120 credits total. I selected Computational Mathematics, Distributed Client Server Systems and Artificial Intelligence. Best decision ever! I am extremely happy with what I am learning right now and the challenging assignments I work on.

My masters at UCL will be in Web Science and Big Data Analysis and covers 4 core modules, plus 4 optional ones and a dissertation project. As part of the core modules I’ll do:

  • Information retrieval and data mining
  • Complex networks and web
  • Web economics
  • Statistical natural language processing

I haven’t decided yet on the optional ones, but I’ll do a bit of research on them first and see how I’d like to personalise my Masters.

Can’t wait for it to start! I am both happy, nervous and scared. I have heard it is a challenging degree so I am eager to see how I’ll manage it. I am a hopeless optimist anyway so I always think things will turn out well! I’ll keep you posted anyway on how it will be.