LSRS Speed Networking Event

Last Saturday I have been to an incredible event organised by the League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS) here in London. We met at Romania’s Cultural Institute for a lovely afternoon full of very interesting people. The afternoon started with a panel of 4 successful Romanians from diverse fields, who had some great accomplishments abroad.



After listening to their wonderful stories and seeing their most interesting projects, we had the chance to break up into groups, depending on the subject area we were studying. There were groups for business, law, architecture, software and IT and so on. For each group there were mentors. Each student had 10 minutes to talk to each mentor and get their advice.

After a record number times I had to introduce myself, I can say the afternoon has been extremely inspirational and beneficial for me. I had no idea there are so many successful Romanian professionals in London that have studied at some of the most prestigious Universities here.

They offered us great advice on how we should approach the time we have left at University, as well as the process of finding a job upon graduation. I also had the chance to find out how the work enironment is in different business sectors. I had insights on how it is to be a software developer in the financial industry or how it is to be a developer in a start-up, multi-tasking and handling unpredictable situations.

After this event, I have been assigned to a mentor, who is developing Windows Phone mobile applications at a company in London. I am extremely happy about the mentor I have and I am sure that for ┬áthe next 3 months we will slowly work towards achieving my (big career) goals :) I’ll have a lot to learn from him and I am glad I had this incredible opportunity!