Long time no see

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Yep yep. Long time no posts. This can only be due to my hectic schedule at the moment which finds me invoved in 3 huge projects for this second year at Uni. I’ll hopefully be done with everthing on the 9th of May and then I’ll be able to relax and enjoy a short trip. I cannot wait!

To keep you posted on my current projects at the moment – the first one is for the Visual Design module and involves creating a sketchbook with all the work I’ve done this year designing UIs for mobile and web apps. Inlcuding my incredible re-designed portfolio which you’ll be able to view live by the end of June. I am very excited about it and I cannot wait to share it with you guys!

Second of all, there’s my Year Two Project – a 3000 words report on the product I developed. My project’s title is ‘People and their Passions in the Online Environment’ and addresses a really nice issue which allowed me to perfect my PHP skills and build a prototype of a social media network. I will be really glad to add it also to my newly designed portfolio soon.

Last, but not least, there’s my favourite assignment for the Web Design and Programming module. It comprises of both modelling and programming of a complex web application with the help of the newly learned MVC framework – CodeIgniter. Along with developing some main functionalities based on a given case study, we are supposed to enhance the users’ experience by using technologies such as AJAX and experiementing with jQuery UI.

I am really close to the finish line this year and I cannot wait to complete all projects to my highest possible level. I’m glad I’ve learnt so much this year and these 3 last projects have truly challenged me through their complexity.