Launched my first Lean In Circle

After attending the Grace Hopper Celebration conference last October, I knew I had to do something in my own community at the University of Huddersfield to help girls who study STEM subjects. Help them see the incredible opportunitites they have. At the beginning of this year, I discussed with two other final year students and we decided to start a society for all girls at Huddersfield that study computing.

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A Lean In circle seemed the best option! So I founded the circle Girls in Computing Huddersfield¬†and next week, the 3 of us will have our first kickoff meeting to discuss the circle’s plans, goals, how we are going to promote it and how we are going to seek support from our lecturers. The Circle framework offers us great support by offering us our own email address, a social feed to post updates, arrange meetings and share files as a group.

In terms of goals, from my perspective, the circle should support younger students in the process of finding a placement or internship and help them find out about conferences and events that will help them succeed in their careers. It is our advice that I hope will help them achieve their career goals and a network for support is always welcome.

Final year students will try and share as much as they can from their own experience and answer any questions. We would be able to help with structuring their CVs or their cover letters. Interviews advice and networking opportunities.¬†Since we only have one term left, at the end of the academic year, we’ll try and find a new leader to continue supporting this initiative. As Huddersfield’s alumnae, we will still be there to offer our advice, remotely.

I trust we’ll find support among the academic staff, as well. I will try to discuss with female lecturers in particular to join our meetings from time to time in order to offer guidance and support from their experience in the computing field.

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