I just want  to share with you quickly this amazing tool coming from the wonderful San Francisco, as usual! It is amazing to see in one place everything you would wish for as a web developer, being able to preview so so fast everything you create, especially when databases and servers are involved. There are loads of tools that are quite similar, but the simple design and ease of use is what makes Koding unique, in my opinion at least. Did I mention you can have your own subdomain you can develop on and show your clients quickly what you can do? A terminal is provided for the ones that like to tackle it, supporting a variety of programming languages such as Python, Java, Perl, Node.js, Ruby, C, C++, PHP and Go.

Check out the video and see for yourselves! I was fascinated, honestly.


Few more facts:

  • Koding was first launched in 2009 under the name Kodigen
  • The final beta version that’s available today has been released in August 2013
  • It received $2 million funding from RTP Ventures and Greycroft Partners
  • It includes a Linux terminal to private virtual machine