Inline Answes on Bing International

As you may know, Bing offers its users different experiences, depending on their market. While this may not seem like a very good idea, I believe that it is best to offer users the best experience available for the data sets Bing is working with on that market. Different users behave differently and Bing is an ever growning search engine, aiming to become even stronger, so they want to serve each market in the best possible way.

However, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of years for it to have a consistent set of features on all markets. When it comes to the autosuggest experience, the Page 0 was first available on the US market only. Then, it slowly appeared on more of them, such as Canada, Great Britain or Germany.

Now, it is time for the inline answers to take the place of Page 0 in these international markets, ¬†as well. Weather answers will be localised with the specific market’s language, as well as the finance answers. Also, the direct nav feature lets users access their favourite local websites.

I hope local users will enjoy the new inline answers on all markets and use them as much as possible! Here are the links to some of the international markets that now have them: Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Brazil.