Flash content in IE10


Starting from today, Microsoft has updated Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 and Windows RT so that it would run by default the Flash Content on all the websites. That’s a step forward, considering that Internet Explorer has always been behind with the latest technologies in Web Development and it’s still causing serious problems for lots of developers. Representatives from Microsoft say that this change is due to the fact that most websites now should be compatible with the new touch experience. If you didn’t know already, there are a lot of (quite expensive) laptops which have this new touch screen technology. Not to mention all the mobile devices that run Windows RT.

This update is available from today for all the Windows 8 and RT users, who have Windows Update. However, there are just about 4% of the thousands of websites tested which are still incompatible, mainly because the core site experience requires other ActiveX controls in addition to Flash.

Even though they have considered this aspect, Internet Explorer has a loooong way to go, in my opinion, in order to reach the flexibility of other browsers. For now, it just gives loads of headaches to web developers from all around the world, who always have to consider its particularities.

“With today’s update to Windows 8 and Windows RT, consumers can experience more of the Web by default.”– Rob Mauceri, Group Program Manager, Internet Explorer

To catch a feel of the image Internet Explorer is trying to create, take a look at this awesome TV ad:


P.S. Having written about Flash, today I just updated my portfolio with my first Flash Developed Website.