Final Year Project Poster

Hey everybody! Happy New Year! This year starts with the poster presentation we’ll have at University on the 14th of January. For it, all final year students had to prepeare a poster for their project. Below, I shared with you my poster, which may suffer minor changes by the time I’ll actually present it. When I structured it, I tried to keep it simple, visual and present the main ideas in a succinct manner. I hope I got it right and I’ll try and perfect it in the next couple of days.

 FYP_PosterUpdate: Following the poster session, I received some very good feedback. First of all, I will use the University’s video platform for lectures, UniTube. It will help me with the key aspect of the project: content with no copyright issues. Secondly, in encoding my videos, I have been advised to omit the HD encodings, since there is no reason to send over HTTP segments that have ultra high definition, for the purpose of speeding up the streaming process. In terms of testing the project, people told me it would be a good idea to speak with some NGOs that work in this field in Sub-Saharan Africa and may help me with identifiying possibly useful features that I’ve missed.

Now, as soon as I’ll finish the requirements and design stages, I’ll start with developing the video player using Dash.js. Can’t wait!