Facebook’s Updated News Feed


If this sounds familiar, don’t worry, you’ve heard it before. One year ago, Facebook promised a new news feed, with improved design elements, to make it look like a “personalized newspaper.”. Unfortunately, after user testing, many users felt confused and did not seem to get along very well with that version.

Consequently, Facebook decided to tweak it for the last months and bring something that would satisfy the vast majority of users. This time is for good. The updated news feed comes only with visual design changes, all functionalities remaining exactly the same. Mac users will see Helvetica, while PC users Arial. In this update, they were looking for something that felt more “like a system font”, notes Greg Marra, product manager.

I am truly glad Facebook cherishes so much usability and puts users first. It shows a great role model for each and every other web application, as they truly are a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to be ‘heard’ in the online world. Twitter is another great example of simplicity and good design features. Facebook follows the same lines now, putting great emphasis on visual elements, simplifying fonts and clearly separating the content.

Don’t panic if there’s no change on your news feed right now, they will be rolling it out for the next couple of weeks. You will soon get to experience the new ‘face’ of Facebook!

Find out more on the source: TechCrunch