Facebook Intern and Grad Summerfest Event

On a nice July Wednesday evening, Facebook made an incredible invitation to 12 University/Masters/PhD students to have dinner and enjoy a couple of hours at their London offices in Warren Street. I felt really lucky to be offered this chance and it was truly an amazing experience. It allowed me to see what life at Facebook feels like, the culture they have and the way they tackle day to day challenges.

First off, we had dinner with a group of Facebook engineers and recruiters who answered our questions about their roles, the application process and their careers so far. They’ve been really helpful and positive about their roles within Facebook and emphasized the amazing hacking culture they have.

Then we had a great tour of the three floors, exploring the interesting rooms, their naming themes and finding out about their usual “office traditions”. It was a great evening and I am happy I had the chance to explore the offices and meet incredibly interesting people!