Video Content for my Final Year Project

So, I am creating a prototype of a MOOC platform, I am addressing online video streaming optimisation for central Africa. So far so good. But what about the actual videos? I can’t download or copy courses from other higher education institutions or MOOC platforms. There are copyright issues and I wouldn’t like to upset anybody. I’ll definitely won’t be able to create good content myself. It will be beyond the scope of the project and quite time consuming.

Thus, to make things easier, I have been advised to use our own University’s platform for video lectures, UniTube. It is not very well advertised at our University so not many students/lecturers know about it. It is maintained by a British company called Planet eStream, specialised in content sharing for educators. The UI of the platform does not quite belong to this century, but that doesn’t surprise me.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 15.05.48

Maybe as it will become more frequently used as part of the courses, it will benefit from a re-design. I am sure a lot of students in Web Tech will take on the challenge. So far, as I browsed through the entries, lecturers have uploaded screencasts, documentary recommendations or even their own lectures. I think the University is currently putting a lot of effort and resources in equipping most of the classrooms and labs with video recording systems. Probably in 1-2 years, students will not only have lecture slides posted on our learning platform, but video recordings as well.

Some lecturers do have mixed feelings about this, and it’s understandable. They are afraid attendance will drop significantly if all lectures will be recorded. But one of the students came up with a great idea. Only allow access to video recordings for students that attended the lecture. Easy peasy.

But, coming back to my project, the first video file that I’ll test in my development is one of my lecturer’s screencast from the Artificial Intelligence course, where he explains the use of the itSIMPLE tool for planning. As soon as that will work as expected, I will try and retrieve some more relevant and good quality content from the platform to add it to my prototype.