Christmas Hackathon

Yey! Bing’s London office organised in December a 3 days Christmas Hackathon. There where 5 main prizes to be won and luckly, my team won one of them – the best end-user value award!

Shiny and beautiful, this award hides a lot of work to make sure a working prototype is created while facing the constraints we had. This was the second hackathon I ever took part in. So even though I had an idea, I couldn’t find the courage to belive I would be able to do it. This is where the team jumped in. People in the office told me I should definitely pitch the idea. So I did pitch it, and there I was, on the first day of the hackathon with a team of 4 members – 2 developers and 2 program managers.

My idea was to include a maps answer in Bing’s Page Zero experience. As soon as the user entered an address or a location nearby, they would see a prewiew pane with the detailed address and the map, right next to the autosuggest list. Clicking on the map, would lead the user to the more detailed Bing Maps page. I think this would be a very nice project that would enable users to get the information they need faster. Who knows? We might see it implemented sometime in the future!

I would really like to thank the team again for believing in my idea! We have built a wonderful project together, having an extremely rewarding feeling of seeing the map loaded in Bing’s autosuggest. I have personally learned a lot, too, by having to interact with the back end data. It offered me the chance to have a high-level overview of some relevance algorithms and see examples of how data is being passed on to our UX team.