Big Data and Cities


It is an amazing time for the cloud to offer incredible opportunities to enhance the power of big data. More and more governments realise the power of open data and allow developers to access useful information about a city in order to create new solutions to a variety of issues.

Large cities often confront themselves with traffic congestions, an impressive number of tourists or very busy times such as festivals, when the entire city’s infrastructure is extremely hard to manage. A lot of companies now focus on analysing big data, defining patterns of what people are doing or intend to do in order to do public good. There are dozens of issues analysing big data can address from improving citizens’ quality of life to uncovering investment opportunities or promoting public safety and health. Below is an incredible example of what Microsoft is doing to help Barcelona’s city council manage such a large and renowned tourist attraction.

I’ll keep you posted on many other ways in which the cloud technology will open new perspectives in the technology world. We have seen last week at Microsoft’s Build Conference 2014 in San Francisco just how much developers can gain from cloud services. Stay tuned!