About me

0S4A6837Hey guys! I am Raluca and I am a software engineer in the making. I completed my undergraduate degree in Computing Science in July 2016 and I’m currently pursuing a full-time MSc degree in Web Science and Big Data Analysis at UCL.

I did an amazing one year internship at Microsoft, as a software developer engineer intern for Bing in London and in October 2015, I was honoured to be one of the international GHC15 scholars. In the summer of 2016 I also interned with Salesforce in London, working as an engineer on the Advertising Studio platform.

I’m originally from Constanța, a beautiful city in Romania, just right on the Black Sea Coast. I became passionate about programming during high school, when I discovered I can use my creativity and inner sense for logic to create solutions for complex problems. I am a person who loves seeing results and this is what fuels my motivation to master programming.

To sum up, this is who I am : young, passionate, ambitious, creative, motivated, optimist, perfectionist. I am currently in the “alpha phase” of what will hopefully be a successful software developer.