Reflections on the MSc Exam Period

Three months now since my last post. And what a busy three months I’ve had! Honestly, up to this point, these have been the most stressful months of my life. Now that I have a 2 week gap between my last 2 exams, I allowed myself to take a much needed one week break to relax and recharge my batteries. The first six exams did… Read More

Thoughts on Machine Learning

My first blog post in 2017, yey! It was about time. Can’t believe almost two months have passed already. The first 2 weeks of this year have been quite hectic for me, with 3 important coursework deadlines, which drained most of my energy. Then one more, which made me a temporary “NLP word embeddings and LSTM” expert and after that I finally took a 4-day vacation… Read More

First Term of my Masters

My bad, I wasn’t expecting such a long post, but believe me, there is a lot to talk about! So here we go! My first term, out of three is done. Well, not entirely. Just the classes. One assignment was out of the way today, 3 more to submit by mid-January and 1 until the end of January. And of course, 3 exams for this… Read More

Hacktrain EU

What an experience! As soon as I heard about this amazing hackathon, I knew I had to participate! Hacking on a train for 48 hours from London to Paris, from Paris to Lyon and back sounded incredible. And it was! It was SO much fun! Of course, the theme was hacking the rails and this was the hack’s third edition! Organised by Hack Partners, this… Read More

Microsoft Codess Event

Also published as a guest post on the Codess blog here. Where do I begin? This was an amazing event!! From beginning, until the very end, I enjoyed every second of the evening. So, huge congrats to the organisers! Codess is Microsoft’s global community for female coders. They organise events around all major Microsoft campuses, allowing women in this industry to network and find inspiration…. Read More

Facebook Intern and Grad Summerfest Event

On a nice July Wednesday evening, Facebook made an incredible invitation to 12 University/Masters/PhD students to have dinner and enjoy a couple of hours at their London offices in Warren Street. I felt really lucky to be offered this chance and it was truly an amazing experience. It allowed me to see what life at Facebook feels like, the culture they have and the way… Read More

Bachelors Graduation

Yeey! I’ve finally made it! On Monday I had my graduation ceremony and I officially became a certified computer scientist. I didn’t realise it until a friend told me this. I have all the reasons in the world to still feel like a student, since I’ll start my MSc in 2 months. And that will be a true challenge. Imagine my happiness in a year from… Read More

ABI Local GHC1 London

What an amazing conference! I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so happy! The GHC1 was the first of its kind in London and after attending the US GHC last October, I can tell you, this one was just as good and offered me the same “oh my God, how amazing these women are” kind of feeling! The reception on Tuesday evening was an… Read More

Facebook Data & Analytics Event

I have been super lucky to get invited a couple of weeks ago to this amazing event on Tuesday at Facebook’s London HQ. Of course, I couldn’t say no. It was a mix of interesting talks and informal networking around data and analytics. Also at this event, the Geekettes had their official re-launch, introducing their new London group leaders. Geekettes is a global organisation for… Read More

JSConf Budapest

I was so excited about this conference, you have no idea! It represented a great opportunity for me to get introduced to the incredibly warm JS community. Since my personal goal for the first half of 2016 was to perfect my JS skills, this conference represented an amazing chance for me to get up to date with the latest trends, news and practices and also… Read More